Our Projects


2019 – Due for theatrical release in New Zealand, April 18. Australia to follow April 25

Soldiers Without Guns

SOLDIERS WITHOUT GUNS looks at the fascinating story of modern history’s most successful peacekeeping mission. Instead of taking guns to the war zone, the soldiers took guitars and cultural understanding to create a lasting peace.

2016- Director – Feature TV Documentary completed

Haka and Guitars

A fascinating look into the NZ armies cultural fusion with the Indigenous Maori of Aotearoa New Zealand and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries when peacekeeping aboard.
Dream Catcher

2010 Camera Man -International Feature Documentary


A film following 9 inspiring peoples’ lives through Mexico studying the ancient Mayan culture.

2010 Camera Man- 50 Minute Documentary

People in Power

We followed the New President of Bougainville James Tanis as he discussed the future of mining in Papua New Guinea.
First Night in Nerja

2009 Director- 15 minute short film

First Night in Nerja

A short film about two women traveling to the South of Spain.

2008 Camera -ITV UK

No Place Like Home

A weekly UK show highlighting English people returning to the UK.
No Place Like Home
Place in the Sun

2008 Camera Man- BBC UK Production. Spain

Place in the Sun

Weekly TV show for BBC that follows Brits moving to Southern Spain

2008 Camera Man

SKY TV Sport

International Football Spain.
SKY TV Sport
Arts our west

2006 Director – Documentary

Arts Out West

This art show focused on the strong creative talent that West Auckland is known for, and the personalities behind the artwork.

2005 Short Film, 48 Hour Film Competition

On The Fence

This short film was shot, posted and delivered within 48 hours of receiving the subject, genre and brief. ​

2005- Short Film

The Dingo Hunter

To enhance his directorial talent and skills William created a short film for children called “The Dingo Hunter”. This film follows the lives of two boys as they hunt down a deadly child-eating dingo.